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 Your Actions In Way Of The Samurai 4 Affect Your Next Life

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PostSubject: Your Actions In Way Of The Samurai 4 Affect Your Next Life   Tue Jun 21, 2011 3:16 am

The Way of the Samurai games are designed for multiple runs. Way of the Samurai 3 gave players all of the weapons and money they earned. Acquire’s next game goes a step forward.

Way of the Samurai 4 has a system known as proof of life, which carries your actions over to your next life. So, if you decide to needlessly kill everyone you see in Way of the Samurai 4 and then clear the game, you’ll see more guards in the next game.

Acquire highlighted a more specific example. As you may know, Way of the Samurai 4 deals with foreigners coming to Japan known as the Jet Jenkins. They don’t speak Japanese, which means you won’t be able to talk to them. You can convince the shogunate to open a foreign language study school in one life and in the next you can talk to different characters from the start of the game.

Japan gets Way of the Samurai 4 for PlayStation 3 on February 17. So far, the game has not been announced for North America, but Acquire has been searching for a publisher. That’s actually how we found out about Way of the Samurai 4 half a year before it was announced.

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Your Actions In Way Of The Samurai 4 Affect Your Next Life
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