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 Way of the Samurai (Text Hacked)

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PostSubject: Way of the Samurai (Text Hacked)   Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:20 pm

I managed to Hack the Text on Wots,looks like Shinobido,WOts2,Samurai Western,has the same Root so..
Tools i Used
-Xpert(shinobido plugin)
-32XVI Hex tool

Looks like you can change the animations,money sword and stuff,but it's a diffrent story the game will freeze if you don't know how to mess with the things.I exported all the files and all the Chars are PS2.MDL files looks like you have to build a softwear to mess up with the textures or to find a plugin for 3dsmax well its a difrent story.

Samurai Western

As you know samurai Westen if you finish the game on insane you can play as chars from Wots1 and Wots2,but looks like the models folder has some secret unused charatcters like sheritoko and karibe!,i tryed to change hanzaemon with karibe but it looks like it's not only model changing it was a failure,its not only the model it's the stats as well ,i will work on that later.

Have a look at my Text Hack Very Happy

Future Changes

-Karibe-hanzaemon SW
-Wots1 sheritoko with ninja sword
-wots 2 Spy as Goh


Karibe:Things are only impossible if you never try!.
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PostSubject: Re: Way of the Samurai (Text Hacked)   Sat Dec 06, 2014 12:34 pm

How did you go about doing this?

I've been trying to do a language patch for the Samurai dou 2 (Preferably the Kettouban version) for Ps2,
but haven't had much luck.

Are there any tutorials that could help with this? Specifically the text hacking
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Way of the Samurai (Text Hacked)
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